Evgeny Kireev's investment portfolio reflects his wide range of diverse interests, but all his investment choices distinguish themselves as innovators in their respective fields. From cosmetics to car racing, Kireev identifies emerging disrupters and game-changers with a focus on innovative technologies and services.


Uptime is a library of 5 minute Knowledge Hacks which deliver condensed content from reputable and relevant books, courses, documentaries and podcasts, aiming to educate and inspire with actionable insights. Members have access to unlimited hacks, with personalised content, key messages and sharing options.


Wonderskin is an award-winning beauty brand that creates innovative, high-performance makeup and skincare products. The best-selling US-based company has recently and successfully expanded across the Atlantic into the UK market.


Insense is a platform that connects brands and creators for UGC, organic posting and whitelisted ads. The app manages every step of the process from hiring and briefing to content delivery and payment for a pool of more than 1400 brands and a community of over 20,000 vetted creators.

Lucky Saint

Lucky Saint is the producer of the UK's top-selling alcohol-free beer, brewed from just four natural ingredients using centuries-old techniques. This award-winning company with a strong focus on social and environmental responibility is also a certified B Corporation.


Nice is the UK's largest and fastest growing independent canned wine brand. Launched in 2019, the company has disruputed the wine industry with its innovative approach. Nice now has over 4,000 retail distribution points as well as a home-shipping service and pending B Corp status.

Lunata Beauty

Lunata Beauty is a Canadian beauty company that specialises in powerful and effective cordless hair tools. The company is revolutionising the hair industry with a range of innovative, game-changing products that pave the way in cordless beauty technology.


Omura are innovators of dry herb technology, producing user-friendly, eco-friendly, high-performance vaporisers. Omura's unique convection oven and air bath system eliminates the burning, harsh taste and smoke that are common to conduction heating devices. The company's pioneering technologies excel in both convenience and sustainability.


Digital Consumer Brand Laboratory (DCBLab) is a UK-based brand incubator that provides marketing, brand development, and e-commerce services to businesses. Run by a pool of marketers, data scientists and creatives, DCBLab draws on psychology, affective sciences and behavioural economics to leverage growth and drive communications campaigns in the digital advertising space. In parallel, the company invests in early-stage consumer goods and ad-tech companies, while developing its own data and e-commerce platform for its brands.