Evgeny Kireev is an angel investor

with a rich and diverse portfolio that ranges from new startups in the food and beverage industry to established designers and manufacturers of high-tech vehicles within the motorsport sector. 

This investment interest into the automotive industry reflects his personal passion for motor racing, a sport in which he regularly competes in rally and GT categories, including some of the most famous and demanding international 24H race events.

Engineering is a familiar field for Kireev. His educational background includes attending Kings College, London, where he earned a BEng degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, followed by an MSc in Management of Engineering Processes. This academic path certainly placed him in good stead when evaluating potential investments with strong engineering and technological components.

Prior to his studies in London, Kireev gained extensive experience in logistics and supply, and the corporate world working for Cyprus’ largest shipping company. Kireev’s portfolio reflects his wide range of experience and interests, and includes investments in beauty and cosmetics, marketing platforms, educational apps and the rapidly expanding vaporiser industry.

All his choices have a common thread of innovative technologies while maintaining a firm focus on social and environmental responsibility.